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When Do You Need an Electrical Inspection?

An electrical inspection is one of the most important tasks for homeowners if they want to feel safe on their property. There are various benefits to routine electrical inspection. For starters, it helps identify potential problems in the electrical system before they escalate. It also ensures everything is working perfectly and all kinds of hazards due to faulty electric wires are eliminated.

What Is An Electrical Inspection?

Every home has an elaborate electrical grid that powers everything. An electrical inspection is a comprehensive check of all the electrical components in your home to ensure no potential dangers are lurking behind the walls.

Faulty wires or an outdated system can cause a fire, putting life or your property in danger. You want to ensure that all the power outlets, fuse boxes, wires, and everything else are working fine to avoid potential danger. Let’s find out when you should conduct an electrical inspection, how often you need it, and its importance.

When Should You Get an Electrical Inspection

Here are some guidelines for when you should call a professional company for an electrical inspection:

Before Purchasing or Selling Property

Living in a house with a faulty or outdated electrical system that doesn’t work properly is dangerous. It can lead to a fire hazard, or you may be left upgrading and replacing parts quite often, leaving you financially drained.

If you are purchasing a new house, it is important to have the electrical system checked for faults and possible upgrades it may require. Finding faults can help you negotiate a lower price. Similarly, if you are in the process of selling your house, an electrical inspection will ensure you make the necessary upgrades leading to an increase in your home value.

Moving Into an Earlier Built House

If you are moving into or living in an older home, it is important to have a routine electrical inspection to ensure the system is functioning well. Various electrical components deteriorate over time and can cause potential fire hazards.

Homes built before the 1940s can have obsolete electrical components that may no longer be safe. By hiring a professional company to conduct an inspection, you can eliminate the risk and update the components with the most current systems that are safe. You will also know the potential upgrades the house requires for maximum electrical efficiency.

Remodeling or Renovating Your Home

Another good time to conduct an electrical inspection is when you remodel or renovate your home or even a part of it. You may have made electrical additions as well. After the work has been completed, an inspection will ensure that everything is working properly and that no further upgrades are required to the system.

If your home renovations include adding new appliances, an inspection will be useful in ensuring the entire system still functions well after the upgrades.

Finding Unexpected Faults

Another time that an electrical unit inspection in your home is necessary is when you start facing unexpected faults. This can include finding the switches and electrical sockets becoming heated. If you notice sockets becoming very hot, it is a sign of a potential problem, and an inspection is necessary.

Other than that, if you notice off sounds or a burning smell from your electrical appliances, fuse box, or switches, discontinue using those switches and appliances and call for an inspection. This could signify loose connections, faulty wires, or irregular power surges.

Similarly, if you find the lights are becoming dim or flicker too often, there could be various reasons. While it may not be hazardous, it is a sign of overusing a circuit. To ensure that there isn’t a problem behind it, a thorough inspection by a professional electrician technician can put your mind at ease.

Unexpected Rise in Energy Costs

If your energy bill is rising unexpectedly, it means your house needs an electrical inspection because there might be major electrical problems. There could be several reasons for a hike in your energy bill. An inspection will ensure that the hidden reasons are identified that can help reduce the costs.

Moreover, a professional electrician will ensure that your electrical lines are working as efficiently as possible and that there are no energy leaks. An inspection will also reveal if there is a need to upgrade the system that could be contributing to the increased costs. Newer electrical components are designed for maximum efficiency and to utilize less power.

Importance of Electrical Inspection

Now that you know all the times an electrical inspection for your home is necessary let’s find out how it benefits you. Following are some reasons that it is important to do so:

Avoid Potential Hazards

A professional inspection of your electrical system will ensure it is functioning well. Electrical components that are not working properly can lead to potential fires or other sparks that can damage the system and put your life and property in danger. Regular inspection will ensure that your system is upgraded and all possible risks of a malfunction are eliminated.

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Save Hefty Electrical Costs

An outdated or poorly functioning electrical grid can lead to increased costs. This can be in the form of a higher electricity bill or expensive repairs you may incur to fix it after you have ignored the issues for a long time.

A routine electrical inspection will likely cost less and ensure that it functions efficiently. Remember that if you live in an older property, the chances of an inefficient system are higher. Keeping your electrical unit up-to-date will ensure your monthly electrical spending is optimal and reduces the carbon footprint as well.

Ensure Optimal Safety

Everyone wants to feel safe and protected in their home. The main purpose of an electrical inspection is also to ensure optimal safety. A professional electrician will ensure that all faults within the system are rectified and that all reasons leading to a house fire or other hazards are eliminated.

Sometimes, you may not see visible signs of a fault, or you may be taking them lightly. An electrical inspection will ensure faults are identified in time to optimize protection and safety.

Ensure Compliance With Electrical Codes

Another reason conducting the routine inspection is important is to ensure that your home’s electrical system complies with local or federal electrical codes. Most local codes are established by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). You want to ensure that you are not violating any local codes.

How Often Do You Need An Electrical Inspection?

As a homeowner, you can take your electrical system for granted and delay inspection for too long, especially if there are no visible signs of damage. However, it can be a big problem if one thing or another doesn’t work. To avoid electrical friction that can damage your appliances, professional technicians recommend a routine check.

Normally, you should call a professional electrical company for an inspection every three to five years. However, an annual inspection will ensure that all your systems are running well and efficiently.

Preventive Measures To Ensure Optimal Functionality

To ensure the optimal functioning of your residential electrical system, you can take some preventive measures between routine inspections. Some things that you can practice to avoid bigger electrical issues at home include the following:

  • Using a surge protector
  • Checking the panel for the right size and types of fuses
  • Avoiding using the wrong wattage of bulbs for fixtures
  • Avoiding the use of cheap extension cords
  • Ensuring the GFIs are properly installed and waterproof

How Much Does An Electrical Inspection Cost?

An electrical inspection can be of various kinds, depending on the scope of the project. However, a general inspection is the most common type of electrical inspection that can generally cost between $100 and $200.

Various costs can influence the cost of the inspection. For instance, the difficulty of accessing the electrical grid and the urgency of the inspection can affect the overall pricing.

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