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10 Signs You May Have a Problem With Your Electrical Wiring

Electrical wiring that hasn’t been checked for a long time can often be problematic in homes. According to a National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) report on Electrical Fires in 2022, electrical malfunctions caused more than 46,000 home fires annually during 2015-2019. It is also the second leading cause of home fires during the same time. Therefore, faulty or outdated wiring should not be taken lightly.

Wiring problems can be very dangerous for occupants, and the slightest sign of any issue in your home wiring should not be ignored. This article discusses what to look for to identify electrical wiring problems.

10 Types of Electrical Wiring Hazards

Following are some signs to identify electrical wiring issues to ensure safety.

1. Frequent Circuit Breaker Tripping

Certain breakers are designed to trip in case of an overload. This way, it prevents overheating, which reduces the chances of fire hazards in the facility. Your circuit breaker may occasionally trip, indicating a simple overload.

However, with good electrical wiring services, it doesn’t trip easily. So if you experience frequent tripping, it’s a sign of a major electrical problem. A professional electrical company should be called to address it.

There are various reasons for the circuit breaker to trip. It could be due to several multi-outlet extension cords on the same circuit or appliances with high power demands. A professional company will identify the reasons and suggest obvious solutions.

2. Visible Wiring Damages

Another sign that it is time to change or upgrade your electrical wiring is the obvious damage. Most people don’t concern themselves with minor damages thinking it will not cause any issues. However, it can be very dangerous down the line with serious consequences.

Some visible signs of damaged electrical wiring include frayed wire ends, bite marks, and a home pest problem that can cause damage to the wiring. this problem mostly causes in commercial places which can be fixed by hiring the services of any specialist commercial electrical services.

3. Discoloration or Scorching

If you find the electrical wires around your property with changing colors or indications of burning, it is a sign that there could be a problem that needs attention. It indicates that the wiring is overheated and may need to be changed now.

You should also check the electrical outlets around the house for any signs of heating up. Unsurprisingly, old wiring becomes heated easily and can cause a house fire. In this case, it should be checked and addressed immediately.

4. Listen For Unusual Sounds

Among other signs of faulty electrical wiring are sounds that appear unusual from the electrical unit. If you hear constant buzzing or any other noise, you should know something is not right. There could be a number of reasons causing the buzzing noise indicating wrong wiring or increased load.

Ignoring unusual sounds can lead to bigger problems later on, so make sure you address them quickly by hiring a professional electrical services company.

5. Smell for Unusual Odors

Apart from sounds, you should also check for strange smells from the electrical wiring units. If you suspect a burning smell, it is an obvious sign of a problem that should not be ignored. Unusual odors from electrical wiring or units are a major cause of house fires and can be detrimental.

You should immediately get unusual odors investigated. In case you find that the sheathing is burning, then everything should be disconnected right away from the circuit to avoid a blowup.

6. Flickering Lights

If the lights on your property are flickering, it is a sign of a power surge. It does not necessarily reflect danger but indicates that your power output has increased appliance demands.

If it is frequently happening, it means the system cannot handle the extra load. In this case, your appliances and electrical fixtures are both under threat, which in the long run, can be troublesome. Make sure you get the wiring upgraded to avoid a bigger problem.

7. Loose Outlets and Broken Light Switches

Loose wiring is a potential fire hazard. If you find that the outlets or switches in your home are not working or only work occasionally, it is a sign of faulty or loose wiring. Wires can become loose over time and cause an electric shock, which is life-threatening.

In case someone is plugging or unplugging a cord in such an exposed outlet, they are exposed to danger. If you have broken switches or loose outlets, it is time to call a professional electric company to get them changed.

8. Counterfeit Electrical Products

Counterfeit electrical products are incredibly dangerous and don’t meet industry or government safety standards. You will mostly find these products at flea markets are extremely reduced prices.

However, to save some money, you can be putting your home and family’s life in danger. It is never recommended to use such products in your home. You should always purchase your power strips, extension cords, and night lights from reputable and established dealers. Make sure you check the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) seal on the product as well to ensure its authenticity.

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9. Arc Faults

When an electrical circuit veers off its intended path, it can cause an arc fault. It happens due to wiring breaches and is a frequent reason for electrical fires. Arc faults can be prevented by installing an arc-fault circuit interrupter.

It can be a bit pricey, but it is most likely worth it. A professional can easily install the device. These are especially useful in old homes where the electrical wiring has deteriorated over time.

10. Installing the Wrong Outlets in the Kitchen or Bathroom

Another sign that your electrical wiring may be a problem is that you may have accidentally installed the wrong electrical outlets in your kitchen or bathroom. Water is an excellent electricity conductor. The outlets in both these spaces should be shock-resistant. These are called ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs).

GFCIs are different from other outlets and have two buttons of smaller size in the middle. If your outlets don’t look like this, chances are you have the wrong ones installed, and it can potentially lead to electrical problems or an outbreak. Swap them out as soon as possible to avoid mishaps.

How to Prevent an Electrical Outbreak

Now that you know the signs of faulty electrical wiring, you should keep a routine check on your house wiring. It really helps if you get a routine check from a professional company to identify and fix faults. Being proactive can help you avoid a major disaster.

Other than that, you should also address any problems that arise immediately. If you notice loose wires, get them fixed. If your wiring has become outdated or you have moved into a home with old wiring, it is best to upgrade it.

A professional company will also conduct an electrical safety audit of your wiring, panels, and outlets to suggest improvements. It is important to pay attention to the recommendations and implement changes as suggested. You should also ensure that you are prepared in case of a house fire. Install good-quality smoke detector alarms and fire extinguishers to minimize damage.

Make sure that your appliances are not causing a strain on your electrical system. Always choose heavy-duty extension cords and make sure they are out of the way. Sweeping the cords under floor rugs could generate excessive heat. Make sure that all your electrical fixtures are away from bedding, curtains, or textiles.

Lastly, make it a routine to check the breaker panel and fuse box. You should know the last inspection date to ensure it hasn’t been too long. In most states, an electrical wiring inspection is only due when the system is upgraded or renovated. However, it is suggested to undergo an inspection every 10 years.


Electrical wiring is often buried within walls for a reason. Apart from the fact that it looks clean and aesthetic on the outside, a well-protected system often lasts longer. It doesn’t incur many problems as it is not exposed to heat or other factors.

However, if your electrical wiring system in the house is well arranged, chances are there will be fewer problems. You should definitely avoid making changes to wiring yourself and hire a professional electrical company when you need anything upgraded or altered.

This way, you can avoid trouble and make sure the electrical units around your home are working well. Often when you disturb the electrical wiring too much, it can lead to problems that become harder to fix.

HyGrid Electrical LLC can help you with all your residential and commercial electrical wiring troubles. We have professional and expert staff on board to undertake all kinds of residential electrical faults. Our teams are capable of delivering the best services. From inspection and upgrades to installations, we deliver work according to industry standards. Contact us today for a free quote.

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